Electronic Compass – How to Use the Internet As an Information Marketer

You have probably started your information marketing business and done all the requisite work. You created a web site, a blog, and a weekly e-newsletter. Now people are sending you e-mails asking about your information product. Your view of computers has gone from anger and frustration to calm and ease. You are now a digital pro, right?

Well, almost.

Like learning to drive or play sports, it never hurts to know about some of the roadblocks that exist out there.

Here are a few online issues to be aware of if you’re an information marketer:

Read absolutely everything: Now, I know what you are going to say next. “Everything…?!?” I understand: there is so much content on the Internet these days that the temptation to just pass over certain paragraphs of text is always at the front of your mind. But, especially if you’re conducting your own business online, you must be sure to read absolutely everything, especially legal material. Make copies of the content pages and save them to your hard drive for further reference. In this case, it is truly better to be safe than sorry.

Avoid plagiarism: Remember your high school English or history class and those dreadful essay writing sessions? While they may bring back bad memories, the teacher was correct about one particular matter: copying other people’s work is wrong all the time. Again, you may feel the temptation to “borrow” content or graphics from other people’s web sites. But, like books and all other intellectual property, this stuff is copyrighted by the owner. Taking it without permission is illegal and can result in several legal penalties.

Know your contacts: You might have occasion to be offered a joint venture with another information marketer over an e-mail exchange. And if the deal sounds promising for both parties, by all means, go for it. But be sure to do some checking to see if the company and/or marketers are legit and the company is sustainable. Do not waste time on people who are not as interested as you in doing good business. As well, one small problem with the Internet is that it is poor for face-to-face conversation. Don’t be afraid to offer to meet your potential partner for coffee and discussion.

Be frugal: A lot of flashy online entrepreneurs will make you an offer for a package or computer tool. Again, do your research. Don’t spend money on something that may be a waste and may not benefit your business.

Keep your host and provider phone numbers handy: If your Internet connection doesn’t work or your web site is down, make the necessary calls to remedy the situation. This is your business and it can’t function if your business tools don’t function

An elderly farmer friend of my dad’s family used to put it eloquently: “Those bloody things are just over-hyped typewriters.” While he was being, well, a tad crass, his stance was a good one. The computer and the Internet are really just tools. Knowing how to utilize them can only help your business succeed.