How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur Today!

To become a successful entrepreneur takes failure. You have to be willing to accept it and learn to make yourself better. Through experience and knowledge you will find making a certain business entity successful, as opposed to failing, is much easier to create.

When you are an entrepreneur, you are constantly learning. You are constantly looking up new things on how to add to your business. It is important that you are logical on who feeds you information, because you can find yourself in traps that are hard to get out of.

Let me give you an example as it has happened to many people who are trying to become an entrepreneur. The internet world is often times misunderstood. This leaves a gray area for sales representatives from other companies to take advantage of you. The most important thing that any business needs is leads. People to talk to and potentially buy their product. These sales reps operating in this gray area are very aware of this concept and modify their pitch to reflect how successful you will be. This shifts the attention from the work that is actually being done to what could possibly be obtained. So to get to the example, it is not uncommon for someone to be paying $1,000 a month for search engine optimization to be done. However, some companies can put your company in severe risk if they are not following guidelines that are implemented and banned from sources like Google. There are many businesses out there who have shelled out tons of cash only to find their site banned a couple of months down the road.

So the first thing to do when you are looking to be a successful entrepreneur is to become aware of what works and what does not. There are trustworthy sites that you can go to get your information. When you are looking for information, look for sites that have attached to them or a reference to the actual business you are addressing like Google. is a great source. Google Webmaster Guidelines is another place to gain the most useful information for if you are looking to create results with Google.

The list can go on and on, but look at the difference in who is feeding you information as opposed to a company who is just trying to sell you their product. This will most definitely save you time, energy, aggravation, and money in the long run. Read up on some material and pretend that you know what you are talking about. If you know more than the sales rep, then it is probably not the best solution for your business. If they can take a concept and explain it more in depth, then they are most likely a better company to work with. The companies who create results will take the time to educate their employees. The companies who are interested in only your money do not really care what the sales rep says to get the deal.

So the number one thing is to be aware that these things exist and to be precautionary moving forward with them. Even if you have everything else running perfectly, these mistakes can put you out of business.

Another important factor to mention is, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” When you are first starting a business, you often times have ideas on what will work. The only problem is that you have no data to backup your statements. There is a time to try and a time to copy. Most successful entrepreneurs will start to work off of a strategy that they know creates results and then build off of that after they have money coming in. Most of the time, there is another business out there just like yours. They offer very similar products and have the same market to compete in. Take the time to look into their strategies. Find out what is working and what is not. This will be the shortest way to actually get the business rolling.

No matter what business model you decide to take on, the most important thing for any entrepreneur is to remain active. This is your lifeline and no one else’s. You cannot sit back and rely on someone to do everything for you. You need to engage yourself in the business every single day until it is operating how you need it to. At that point, you will have the opportunity to sit back and enjoy. It’s important that you are honest with yourself and what you are willing to do to achieve your success. Otherwise, you will try to cast blame unto others and be left with a failing business.

There are other articles out there that can help guide you on if becoming an entrepreneur is the right decision for you. Once again, be completely honest when you are answering the questions. Some people think they want to be an entrepreneur, but don’t have the drive or the capability of actually doing it. This leaves them in a worse position than sticking to their normal routine of 9-5 with a company.

There are certainly other factors to consider when looking to become an entrepreneur, such as legal business filing and merchant accounts, but these sources and mindset will help lead you in the right direction. We are certainly here to help guide you through the process as well. Please feel free to click on the link below and we are more than happy to work with you in creating your dreams.


In the meantime, we wish you and your business the most success in 2014.

Chris Ellis