How to Create a Business by Creating Information Products

Many people still believe that in order to start a business, they need to have a real world store, and sell a real, tangible product. The truth is, however, that starting a business that sells information products is often far easier for a new business owner or entrepreneur.

Information products are products that are not necessarily tangible, although they could be in the form of a book or DVD. They are products that are based purely on learning. While starting a college may be one way of selling information, information products also are not limited to formal training.

Let us consider, for a moment that you are an expert in a particular field – whether it is dog training or cake decorating. You would like to use your skill to make more money, but you do not know how. The answer may lie in creating information products, and selling them to people with an interest in your area of expertise.

You might create a website that deals with your passion or skill, and have a member’s only area. You might run an e-course, or create and sell an e-book, or a series of e-books. You might even decide to self publish a real book, and sell it through your site, or in the real world. From training DVD’s to member’s only online streaming videos, there are endless information products you can sell to make money from your passions and talents.

The steps to creating an information product are quite simple too, although they will require some time and effort on your part. First, you need to have an idea. Your idea for your information product can be anything that you are particularly knowledgeable in – whether it is starting a small business, or arranging flowers. Remember that if you are interested in it, there are probably countless other people around the world who are too!

Next, you will need to decide on the format for your information product. Are you going to sell an e-book, a series of DVD’s or an e-course? There are even services like, which will print a real book on demand, and ship it to your customers, so you could even become a small-scale independent publisher if you decide to! Once that is decided, you will need to settle on your content. You will want to make it as comprehensive as possible, but still be easy for a beginner to understand.

Then there is the process of creating the materials. Even if you have no skill yourself, whether it is writing or animation, making movies or creating e-course modules, there are freelancers out there who are willing to do it for a fee.

After your information product is finished, all that is left is the marketing and sales of your product, usually via your website, but also in the real world, or through social networking and other platforms. Some large sites, like, even allow creators of information products to list their products alongside commercially created items, so there is plenty of scope for marketing these days!

The main benefit of selling information products is that anyone can do it. Whether you are a stay at home mom with a passion for needlework who wants to teach others, or whether you’re a small business owner looking to increase your revenues by selling a digital information product in addition to your real world services and products, this is a viable option.

There is also the benefit that while you may spend a little money creating the initial products themselves, after you have, every sale is virtually pure profit, unlike the real world, where each sale costs you something in terms of labor or raw materials, or both.

Information products can also be sold quite cheaply, since you are going to be selling on volume, rather than on a markup per item, and that makes them attractive to your buyer, even when times are tough economically. It is far easier, after all, to sell an information product like an e-book for a few dollars hundreds of times, than it is to sell a real world manual or book that costs hundreds of dollars!

If you’re excited about the prospect of creating an information product, either as a way to boost your brick and mortar business’s sales, or as a means of creating a business in itself, then that’s great! This is one of the most exciting opportunities that the internet has afforded entrepreneurs! Just remember to spend a reasonable amount of time investigating the market for your product, and creating it. You want your product to be as good as you can possibly make it, so that people want to buy it, refer their friends, and feel that they have made a solid investment.

Done correctly, information products can be a very lucrative business opportunity, and they are well worth looking into. Just remember that there is a lot of competition, even though this is a relatively new field of business, and that you will have to spend a fair amount of time planning, creating and marketing your products before you start making a fortune from them! For those that do, however, creating information products for sale can be an almost entirely automated, profit rich business opportunity, and if you are looking for something with low investment requirements, and high yields, this might be the opportunity for you!